THE TOWN OF BURLINGTON has an area of 35.9 square miles and a population of 6,586 people (2009 census). Burlington is home to the “Burlington Liars Club”, a “unique brand of American Humor”; the club meets on New Year’s Eve to choose the yearly Championship Lie, tales of which come from as far as China. Burlington is also known as “Chocolate City” honoring the city’s 20-year anniversary of the Nestle Chocolate and Confection Company. 

The Town’s Mission, Vision and Values is “to protect the assets and to enhance the lives of our citizens by providing the services needed for today and planning for tomorrow while maintaining our values”. 

THE VILLAGE OF CALEDONIA, a town before 2006, occupies 48.7 square miles and is home to 25,909 (2009 census) people. Caledonia offers its residents a rural lifestyle with convenient access to urbanity. 

The Village provides access to plenty of job opportunities, entertainment, festivals, shopping, dining, horseback riding, boating and more. 

THE TOWN OF DOVER has an area of 35.4 square miles and a population of 4,205 people (2009 census). 

The town is home to Eagle Lake Park and Richard Bong State Recreation Area which is home to the annual Wolf Lake Run/Hike. With easy access to larger towns and cities, Dover offers a comfortable and convenient lifestyle. 

THE VILLAGE OF ELMWOOD PARK was part of the Town of Mount Pleasant until it was incorporated in June of 1960. The Village was the last small town to be incorporated in the state since laws regarding the size of towns, that require towns to be larger than Elmwood, were underway at the time of its incorporation. It has an area of 0.2 square miles and a population of 466 people (2009 census). 

This tiny town is family oriented and provides close access to city life allowing for convenient access to everything you need from festivals to dining, lakes, nights out and other recreation. 

THE VILLAGE OF MOUNT PLEASANT was formerly a town until incorporated as a Village in September of 2003, occupies 36.5 square miles and is home to 26,601 people (2009 census). 

Situated on the western shore of Lake Michigan, and one of the fastest growing communities in the Wisconsin, the Village offers a serene lifestyle with access to the metro areas of Milwaukee and Chicago. Recreational programs include kickball, t-ball, volleyball, softball and playground programs. 

THE VILLAGE OF NORTH BAY is a small village that is 0.01 square miles and home to 205 people (2009 census). 

Situated next to Lake Michigan, the Village of North Bay allows for access to the Lake as well as to nearby cities providing you with the comfort of a small town and the convenience of the city. 

THE TOWN OF NORWAY has an area of 35.7 miles and is home to 8,234 people (2009 census). The town was settled by 40 pioneers who traveled from Norway in 1839. This was one of the most significant settlements in Norweigan-American history and was a popular stopping-ground for people heading west. 

Norway is home to Heg Park which commemorates one of Wisconsin’s Civil War Heroes, Colonel Hans C. Heg. 

THE TOWN OF RAYMOND, a town of 3,949 people (2009 census) with an area of 35.6 miles, was founded and named after Elisha Raymond who served during the revolution. 

Raymond is a town of character and economic opportunity. 

THE VILLAGE OF ROCHESTER, one of the first settlements in the Wisconsin Territory, occupies 0.5 square miles, has a population of 2,254 (2009 census) people. Incorporated in 1912, the Village prides itself in providing a “unique small town charm” in combination with country and farming life styles.

Home to five parks, Rochester offers bicycle and hiking trails as well as baseball and soccer fields. Rochester is also home to the Honey Creek Wildlife Areas, 1023 acres of wildlife preservation.

THE VILLAGE OF STURTEVANT has an area of 3.1 square miles and is home to 6,941 people (2009 census). Incorporated in 1907, the Village celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2007. Providing convenient access to the major metropolitan areas of Chicago and Milwaukee, the village allows for access to the city life while providing a hometown feel to its residents. 

Sturtevant is home to the Western Union Junction Railroad Museum  and an Amtrak Railroad Station. 

THE VILLAGE OF UNION GROVE is an area of 1.7 square miles and has a population of 4,787 people (2009 census). The charming village provides a safe, friendly lifestyle its residents who also have access to major metropolitan areas nearby for all of their city needs. 

Union Grove is home to high quality schools, including Union Grove High School and Shepherds College (founded in 2008), a post-secondary school for students with intellectual disabilities.  

THE VILLAGE OF WATERFORD is home to 6,597 people (2009 census) and occupies 2.6 square miles. First established in 1836 and later incorporated in 1906, the village got its name because it was located at the shallow part of Fox River that allowed for horse-drawn covered wagons to cross. 

This nice little town, like others that surround it, provides a cozy lifestyle with access to the amenities of bigger cities. 

THE VILLAGE OF WIND POINT is 1.4 square miles and has a population of 1,815 people (2009 census). Incorporated in 1954, this quaint town provides a peaceful lifestyle surrounded by beauty and with access to metro areas. 

The village is home to Wind Point Lighthouse, situated at the north end of Racine Harbor next to the Shoop Point Golf Course. The lighthouse is on the National Register of Historic Places and is one of the tallest and oldest active Great Lakes lighthouses. 

THE TOWN OF YORKVILLE, incorporated in 1846, is an area of 34.4 miles and is home to 3,374 people (2009 census).  This rural area was founded by farmers that immigrated from Cornwall, England and is still partially a farming community with access to nearby major metropolitan areas. 

Yorkville is home to the annual Racine County Fair and provides access to 2 golf facilities located nearby. 

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